Barcode. Simple to use.
Our barcode solution can be used in mobile marketing campaigns, ticketing, promotions, business cards, mPayment, logistics, e-Papers, collections, education and gaming.

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Mobile Catalog
The catalog can be adapted for any
company to make a presentation available for phone users from where they can order products or contact representatives.
Images, charts, tables, text descriptions can be mixed to offer the user a better and more interesting experience.



Auto Sales
With Auto Sales application it's easy to put the new and used cars an auto dealer have in stock in front of a mobile user, so he can easily make an option. The only thing it remains is a visit to the seller to close the transaction.






Real Estate
Designed for real estate companies to publish their offer in the mobile world. Easy updating and browsing off-line are some of its features.
The properties for sale are searchable by different criteria. Pictures can be loaded in place to give a better image of the property value.



Allow users to browse or search the most valuable loan offers from banks in their area.
Calculates payments for loans and builds amortization schedules. In addition, it will help to manage cash transactions and integrates a shopping list module.



The mobiBuyer solution was made to assist companies with Internet stores to sell goods to active people, ordering from their phone.




SAT Test Preparation
Even the user is in metro or waiting at the bus stop there is no reason to waste time and not be prepared to pass the exam.
The test preparation application installed
on a mobile device will help to significantly increase the test scores.






TOEFL Test Preparation
Our product is designed to accommodate users at intermediate and advanced levels   of English proficiency who wish to enhance their ability to achieve the highest possible score.







Auto Test
With Auto Test you can prepare for the Driver License Examination while on the move. Different sets of questions, including traffic control signs can be loaded over the air.





Have fun taking a mobile quizz and sharing it with your friends.

J-QUIZ. Test your knowledge from different domains by trying one of these quizzes made to challenge any level of user from novice to expert.

Trill Painters
Take a picture with your phone, load it into the application and apply a classical painting touch.

Enhance the photo with some special effects and choose an old frame. Now you have a nice painting ready to be signed and submitted to a server or as a MMS to your friend.


Puzzle games
Are you tired of so much shooting games?

Enjoy some challenging puzzles that are quick to learn yet surprisingly difficult to master.

Action games

Your speed and reflexes are essential to keep you going and finish all the levels of the game.