Health ovarian cancer search ovarian cancer symptoms / diagnosis treatment coping ovarian cancer - by category basic information about ovarian cancer this is an introductory guide to the basics of ovarian cancer, including information about different types of ovarian cancer and their symptoms. Also covered are related conditions known as fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancer, and the genetic basis of these cancers. buy viagra online buy viagra buy generic viagra generic viagra online buying viagra online without prescription cheap viagra cheap generic viagra generic viagra online cheap viagra Ovarian cancer prevention primary prevention is your best best today for reducing the risk of ovarian cancer. Find out what this means and what you can actively do. Also learn about exciting developments in secondary prevention technologies which may bring effective screening to you soon. Coping : living with cancer combined surgical & chemotherapy based ovarian cancer treatment implies a long road to recovery. Facing the side effects, psychological stressors, physical needs, intimacy and related issues require that you have a support network to handle these challenges in the best possible way. Learn how and where to find support and how to build your own support network, throughout treatment and extended into survivorship. Testing & diagnosis diagnosis and evaluation of suspected or confirmed ovarian cancer depends upon scans, surgery, biopsies and blood tests. Discover what these are, what their results mean, what they are used for and when. Learn to decode your doctor and the basic medical terms used. Ovarian cancer treatment learn about surgery and chemotherapy standards for ovarian cancer treatment. Discover the details of each, options,side effects, how to decide about options and tips for building your cancer treatment team. Alternative & integrative care discover integrative ovarian cancer care options. Learn about the benefits and risks of less common mainstream and natural alternative therapies to improve your chances of handling treatment and achieving a cure. Review what works, what might work and what is clearly dangerous. Research learn about clinical trials for ovarian cancer. Discover what they are, how you find them, as well as why and when you should consider them. Explore the newest and most promising research trends towards eliminating ovarian cancer. Recurrence prevention & management ovarian cancer is considered to be cured if there is no evidence of recurrence within five years. Most experts feel that a more accurate window is ten years. Discover what you can do to op.

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Lark Computers has pioneered the field of mobile 2D barcodes in Romania. Our innovative Trillcode was the first in the world to trigger actions beyond the standard hyperlinks, phone numbers and contacts. We have in stealth mode, waiting for investments, a new kind of barcode for mobile phones, suitable for several patents.

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v. 3.2.6 & 3.4.0!

Date added: November 1, 2007
From the end of September we have new versions of our popular Trillcode reader. The encoder was also upgraded to offer more visual appealing trillcodes and to be more user friendly.

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Date added: November 1, 2007
After a long period we have relaunched our web site with a new graphical format.