-founded in 1998
-based in Deva, Romania

-privately owned company
-management experienced in Technology and Finance

To provide the best applications to our valued customers and partners and guide them in applying our technologies to the real world challenges of delivering competitive solutions to the fast growing mobile market.
We carry out our mission by understanding our clients needs and supplying them with the latest technology available on the market place today. We are dedicated to building long-term partnerships and maintaining our established ones by our ongoing delivery on our promise to create software that cuts costs and boosts efficiency.

Lark Computers is a well-established software company specializing in the development of mobile applications, from business and personal productivity to education and entertainment. We are a full-cycle software development company, providing dedicated service at every stage of the project – from the initial specification to final stages of development and support.

We develop custom-built software solutions with different levels of complexity. We have a high level of expertise and a strong knowledge base to meet all of your needs. We use innovative technologies and modern environment to develop unique software solutions on time with the maximum cost efficiency. Our professional developers and technicians can handle the difficulties arousing programming for resource limited devices. Our specialization is tough problems that require bright ideas, high qualification and deep knowledge to complete.

Quality. Our primary goal is to provide you with a unique solution, perfectly suited to your needs, using the most appropriate technologies available.

Flexibility. Each of our products is unique, the result of a collaboration between our team and our clients.This flexible, co-operative approach guarantees that the product you receive will reflect your company's needs, values and culture.

Enthusiasm. We love what we do, and this enthusiasm is reflected in the quality and creativity of our products. We see each new project as an opportunity to learn, to grow, to improve.