Lark Computers takes pride in being innovative and in offering one-stop services to its clients. Whether you are looking for a customized software solution for your business or a specific game development, we have the answer. This expertise makes us a reliable partner to take up application development projects that address mobile environment. Our company offers you a complete set of products in the mobile field. We provide a broad range of services to help our customers become more competitive in the mobile arena.
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Lark Computers has pioneered the field of mobile 2D barcodes in Romania. Our innovative Trillcode was the first in the world to trigger actions beyond the standard hyperlinks, phone numbers and contacts. We have in stealth mode, waiting for investments, a new kind of barcode for mobile phones, suitable for several patents.

v. 3.2.6 & 3.4.0!

Date added: November 1, 2007
From the end of September we have new versions of our popular Trillcode reader. The encoder was also upgraded to offer more visual appealing trillcodes and to be more user friendly.

Mobiles, PCs:
Alternative download for mobile phones: Enter into your phone browser and choose your phone type.

Site updated
Date added: November 1, 2007
After a long period we have relaunched our web site with a new graphical format.